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"I’m sorry, Nine.”

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it’s been years since I’m into the Hakuouki fandom and these guys have never failed to amaze me every time they come out with new official art

Scary…When we talk, he turns it into a girl talk.

hide can’t be here, it’s an illusion. but if it isn’t, then hide will know that i’m a… i’m a—
i already knew! who cares about that, let’s just go home already.

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Personal Favorites:  2 of ??

Naruto Shippuden | The lost tower : Minato is not amuse

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drew more happy hisalisa because no one is going to die SHHh especially not these two. NOPE. also i love twelve’s anklet ; 3 ;

PART II: NS Ending 10-18:

My Answerおまえだったんだ | For You | 自転車 | うたかた花火 | U Can Do It | 真夜中のオーケストラ | Freedom欲望を叫べ!!!

Part I | Part II

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when people start getting close to your friends


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Original by: Yana Toboso

Edited By Me

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ABC of Free! 》C
↳ Child, children of Free!

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